Our Bands

The Egham Band is an amateur brass band organisation based in the university town of Egham in North Surrey. The organisation currently comprises six bands, with an aspiration to grow to nine bands over the next few years.

The Egham Band

The Egham Band is our competing Championship Section Band.  Click here for more information.

Egham Youth Band

Our Youth Band is the next step up from the Training Band.  The band will be competing for the first time this year at the National Youth Championships.  Click here for more information.

Egham Training Band

Once members have achieved the level required, they will move out of the School Bands or Starter Band and into the training Band.  It is hoped that the Training Band will go to the National Youth Championships in 2025 or 2026.  Click here for more information.

School Bands

Currently, the Egham Band teachers in three local Runnymede schools, each of which have their own after school brass band.  Click here for more information.


Who knows what the future may hold, but in may include one or more of the bands below.....
Egham 'B' Band: A competing band for members of the local community of various levels who don't want the stresses or have the time to compete in the top sections but would still like to take on the challenge of competing.
Egham Community Band: A non-competing band for members of the local community of various levels
Egham Starter Band: A band for members that are still in their school band or for when they have left Primary/Junior school but are not yet ready to move into the training band
School Bands: We plan to start teaching in a fourth school over the next couple of years, which will mean an additional after-school band.
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