Band History

Also previously known as:

Egham Temperance Band - Formed before 1855. Also known as the Egham Hill Band. Rehearsed at the Technical Institute, Egham Hill, until moving to a former furniture depository on Band Lane in 1904. Renamed the Egham and Englefield Green Public Prize Brass Band in 1906, it amalgamated with Egham Town Band in 1919 to form Egham and District Band

Egham Hill Band - See above

Egham Brass Band - Active in 1855. Conductor Mr Cork in 1865. A successor band was formed in 1886

Egham Brass Band - Founded in 1886, conductor Mr Ackerman. Still active in 1892. A successor band was formed in 1895

Egham Town Band - Formed before 1895. Conductor Mr Eatwell in 1900.  Practised at the back of the Catherine Wheel Hotel, Egham High Street. Merged with Egham and Englefield Public Prize Band in 1919 to form Egham and District Band

Egham and Englefield Green Public Prize Brass Band 

Egham and District Band - Founded in 1919 – an amalgamation of Egham Town Band & Egham and Englefield Public Bands

The Egham Band - Name changed from Egham and District Band

Runnymede Brass - Originally a breakaway group from The Egham Band in the 70's, they achieved some successes with David Baker and then David Lancaster at the helm, reaching the top three in the first section London Area Contest in 1995. The band broke up in 1999, and the brief emergence of Thames Brass from the ashes was also, sadly, short-lived.

Thames Brass - Formed in 1999 from the ashes of Runnymede Brass, but only lasted a year or two.  In 1999, Thames Brass won the Second Section of the London & Southern Counties Regional Contest under Paul Norley, with Egham Band coming second.  In the Second Section Final, held at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, Thames Brass finished 17th and last, with Egham Band finishing 14th.

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